Complete Pricing Breakdown

Finished TimeText and MusicVoiceoverFilming Hours
15 seconds$500$6001
30 seconds$700$9001.5
60 seconds$1000$12002
3-5 minutes$1800$18004
Additional ServicesText and MusicVoiceover
15-second cut$100$150
30-second cut$150$200
60-second cut$300$400
Hourly Filming $100
Additional 15 Seconds $200

Additional Details
• Filming hours are not affected by voice-over recording time.
• Additional cuts may only be added if the original cut is longer than the additional cut. For example, you cannot purchase a 15-second promotional film for $500.00 and add a 60-second cut for $300.00.
• Re-shoots are at the discretion of Foxrun Films. Additional filming time is available and may alter delivery date.
• Filming hours may be spread across multiple days, with a minimum of 30 minutes per day.
• Filming includes travel within 60 miles of Nashville. Filming locations outside of this area will incur a travel fee.
• Deposit is 50% of total price and is due prior to shooting.
• Complete payment is due prior to delivery date.
• Filming, Editing, and Delivery schedule will be agreed upon by Foxrun Films and client.