Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions.
1. We already have a photographer, why have a wedding film?

Wedding films are often an item on the budget list that gets reduced or eliminated first.

The question you have to ask yourself is, “What do I get to keep from my wedding day?”

-The Bride and Groom get to keep each other. Hooray!
-The rings
-The wedding dress
-The gifts (The ones you don’t re-gift. We won’t tell!)
-The photographs
-The wedding film
-The marriage license

What do you spend money on that you don’t get to keep?

-The flowers
-The venue(s)
-The alcohol (But what a night!)
-The tuxes (if rented)
-The cake/the food
-The DJ
-…And 100 other little expenses

Even though there is much about your wedding day you can’t keep, a wedding film preserves the day in its entirety; from the way your flowers flickered in the breeze, to the sound of your mother’s voice as she adjusted your dress. The sound of your father’s laugh as he explains the awkwardness of his son’s first date, and the pride in his voice when he talks about his new daughter-in-law. Though photographs grab all the smiles of the day, it’s what happens in between the photos that showcase the individuality of your wedding party and guests.

One day you’ll be able to show your children, and grandchildren, that mom and dad were young and crazy once, and that even grandma could shake her hips with the best of them. Imagine if you were able to watch the weddings of your ancestors. What a fascinating artifact for a family to treasure!

2. How do you calculate your pricing?

Wedding films are a major investment of time and attention to detail. Because we only offer “All-day” coverage, our two videographers cover your event for up to 13 hours (9AM-10PM). Of course, most weddings do not start this early or end that late, but on average, a wedding day requires 9-12 hours of filming. We are with you in the morning (usually the bridesmaids!) for hair and make-up, all the way to your grand exit.

Once the filming is done, the real work (fun!) begins. The post-production process is incredibly meticulous, and the attention to detail cannot be overstated. On average, we shoot between 45-90 GB of video on your wedding day, which equates to between 3-6 hours of video per camera cut into 500-800 clips. All of this footage must be carefully watched and sorted; we don’t want a single valuable moment missing from your wedding film.

Once we watch and sort the footage, we lay out the storyboard of your day, which allows the wedding film to take form. This is where music selection comes into play. Listening to music and creating the perfect soundtrack for your day takes several hours of cumulative time. The music must be perfect.

We want to stress significance of the word “perfect” when we use it. Your wedding film has to be to our absolute highest standards with the footage we capture. Every shot, cut, song choice, and montage has been carefully crafted, watched and re-watched to ensure your wedding film is 100% you.

Finally, the original audio (for example, from the ceremony) must be equalized and leveled. Once the project is complete, we watch a proof on our 50 -inch flat-screen to ensure everything we’ve crafted translated properly to the DVD/Blu-ray correctly.

Our couple’s deserve nothing but our best. As you have invested in us, we become invested in you. Every wedding film becomes a passion project, and we take our time with each film to ensure that it perfectly captures your wedding experience.

3. Can we choose the music in the video?

Yes, and this is sincerely encouraged. For both the Cinematic and Documentary packages, the music is a crucial aspect of what makes your video special.

Once booked, we send each couple a packet a few weeks prior to the wedding day. This packet includes a music questionnaire that allows you to outline all your musical likes and dislikes. We use the information from this questionnaire to assist us in choosing the perfect music for your wedding film.

4. How long will it take to get our wedding film?

Your completed wedding film will be shipped between five and ten weeks after your wedding day. The preview trailer for your wedding video will be released online first, giving you an idea of how the footage looks! These time estimates are based upon our previous work, and vary depending upon available footage and current workload. After all, we are teachers in the day time, and parents full-time!

5. How long will our wedding film be?

There are no guarantees on wedding film durations because all weddings are unique. Our number one priority is to tell the best story about your wedding day without using the same footage more than once simply to meet a certain duration.
However, we can include some estimates based on our previous work.

The Cinematic package will run anywhere between 30 and 90 minutes.

The Documentary package will certainly run longer, anywhere from 45 minutes to 120 minutes. The longest wedding documentary we created ran for 137 minutes. In fact, it was just a few minutes shy of being too large for a single DVD.

What you can expect is the best video possible, around the estimated duration we have listed above. You would never tell your daughter, “Okay, I’m going to film your dance recital, as long as it runs for no longer than 30 minutes. If that dance recital lasts longer than 30 minutes, so help me, I’ll turn the camera off and go home!”

6. All right, we're ready to book. Now what?

Awesome, we wish we could high-five you. That can wait for the wedding day.

Head to the “contact” tab and send us a message. Once we confirm you’re ready to book, you’ll be given information about sending the deposit and your date will be saved!

7. We would love some footage of the rehearsal dinner/bridal shower/bachelor party (um, are you sure?) /etc...is that possible?

If you want to add services we haven’t listed, just send us a message. We’ll work out a solution together.

8. Do you offer professional videography for anything besides weddings?

Yes. If you’re interested in hiring us for commercial or other purposes, send us a message and we can discuss what you’d like accomplished.

9. Do you attend the rehearsal dinner?

If we are able, we attend the rehearsal dinner. This allows us to plan the best shots for your ceremony and get the “OK” from the bride and groom on where we are standing.

It also allows us to meet the family and the bridal party, which makes everyone more comfortable on the wedding day. We do not film the rehearsal dinner as part of our packages, but this can be requested (see FAQ 7).

There is no extra cost associated with our presence at the rehearsal, but it is not guaranteed. Simply because most rehearsals for Saturday weddings happen on Friday, and 1) Some weddings are on Fridays and we may be booked, 2) the travel distance may be too far (or we may be en route to your state that evening) and 3) Daniel is a football coach, so he is booked every Friday night in the fall.

If we are unable to attend the rehearsal, don’t worry! We will still plan these shots the day of the wedding.

10. Can we purchase the raw footage of our wedding?

Yes, you may purchase the raw footage of your wedding. The cost is $300.00, which is simply the replacement cost of the two 64/128 GB memory cards that will be used for your wedding. Because external hard drives are formatted to the type of computer you have, we do not offer an external hard drive option. We simply give you the memory cards, and you can back them up and use the footage in whichever way you prefer.

11. What are the wedding films like?

The Cinematic
The Cinematic is a series of montages that takes you throughout your wedding day. Think of it as an expanded version of the preview trailer, except more specific, and there are several of them.

In the Cinematic Package, the only audio recorded from your wedding day used in the wedding film is during the ceremony and the best man/maid of honor speeches.

The Cinematic will cover all the standard elements of your wedding: bridesmaid/groomsmen preparation, venue preparation, the first look, the complete ceremony, and the reception. There are, of course, several more aspects that each wedding incorporates, and you indicate these when you receive the “Essential Elements” questionnaire. For example, you may have a grand exit from the reception that you would like filmed.

The Documentary
The Documentary is much like the Cinematic, except there is more audio included from your wedding day. In addition to the audio, the bridal party and family interviews are also included.

When a couple selects the Documentary, our camera-mounted microphones are recording audio every second we are recording video. When editing your wedding film, we are listening for the best conversations or stories that are being shared. Use of the audio is entirely dependent on the content of what is being said, and whether or not this will add to the overall quality of your wedding film.

In one of our recent Documentary weddings, the fraternity brothers of the groom gathered around the bride and sang a song during the reception. This is an element that was captured and included into the wedding film in its entirety, whereas in the Cinematic it would have been included in the reception montage without the original audio.

The Documentary also includes the Secret Letter, which is a private vow the couple reads to the camera right before walking down the aisle. When you watch the wedding film, you’ll hear each other’s Secret Letter for the first time. A preview of the Secret Letter can be seen in the wedding preview for Kaitlyn and A.J in the gallery.

Perhaps the idea of what the final wedding film can be is best be summed up by Nicole, who posted this comment after receiving her completed Documentary wedding film:

“‘My dress is so (expletive deleted).’ THE BEST ending to that wedding video. Dan LaFond, you and your wife did an absolutely AMAZING job on this film, and I am so in love with all of it. You captured everything… Perfectly. Everyone and everything was so hilarious. (Lanie Schrubba you talked about saving me from a horrendous tag tan line). Almost every single person interviewed had something to say about how well Cody “handled” me (sensing a pattern here), and how balanced we were as a couple… It was extremely humbling to hear. Thank you so so so much for capturing everything!”

12. What if our wedding begins before 9:00am or goes past 10:00 pm?

In the event your wedding day goes past 10:00 pm, you have the option to purchase extra time (by the half hour). If your wedding is running behind schedule and 10:00 pm is approaching, and you have asked us to film your reception exit (or some other essential element), we will ask if you’d to purchase extra time. If you agree, we will invoice you the week following the wedding for the extra time. We will begin editing your footage once the outstanding balance is paid!

13. Do you offer Blu-ray?

Yes! Each package features your wedding film on two Blu-ray discs, three DVDs, and one e-Copy source file disc.

14. What is the e-Copy disc?

The source file disc has a copy of your wedding film on it as a savable file. When you put this disc into your computer, you will be able to open the folder (by double clicking the disc icon) and save the file of your wedding film to your hard drive or cloud server. This gives you a way to secure your wedding film digitally, and the option to burn your own copies of the wedding film.

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